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Dr. Palfy shares her insights on male abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD and more.


Understanding Male Arousal

As psychologist who researched why boys and men often fail to disclose sexual abuse, I learned that confusion often promotes silence among male victims of sexual abuse. Male victims who feel confusion about their level of participation, about why they never stopped their abuse sooner or why their body responded favorably, often feel betrayed by...

Warning Signs of Abuse in Children - By Dr. Kelli Palfy

Although there aren’t any tell-tale signs a child is being abused, young children may try to tell adults about abuse in the only ways they know how: by acting out behaviourally!  If you see one or more of these as persistent signs in a child you know… PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION! Fear of going to bed – some children...

Sibling Abuse - What No One Wants to Talk About

A man recently contacted me wanting help processing aspects of his sibling abuse.  He mentioned no one talks about this, so I thought I would! Sibling “abuse” is not uncommon in environments where other sexual abuse is occurring. It could look like any of the following scenarios: A.    Dad (or mom or someone...

Recognizing Male Survivors & PTSD

Men who were abused as boys may suffer long term consequences that might seem innocuous at first until you learn their trauma histories. 


You’re an Abuse Survivor.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, find a trained therapist to assist you.


Willful Blindness

Academic research discusses how neural networks in the human brain are hard-wired to reject information that will make us less certain and keep peace when faced with conflict.  But what if instincts about Child abuse are...

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