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Therapy on the Cutting Edge Podcast Interview with Dr. Sutton

​#MenToo - The Unseen Epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse of Boys and Why Boys and Men Don’t Share, Interview with Dr. Palfy, June 2021 

Dr. Sutton and I talk about my work in law enforcement, specifically investigating and arresting child sexual abusers and how it led me into a career of psychology. I share how when we think of childhood sexual trauma, we often think of women, although 1 in 6 men were sexually abused prior to age 16 but that only 5 in 1,000 go on to disclose their abuse. We also discuss some of the differences between abuse of boys and women and my work in helping others to understand male experiences of abuse, so that clinicians can be more aware of seeing that this may be part of the reason men are struggling and help them to address their trauma.  

Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU Podcast with Alan Freedman

Silent No More - Giving Voice to the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Featuring Kelli Palfy, PhD 

Alan & I discuss what "grooming" is and why it's imperative that we educate ourselves. We also disuss things to be aware of when it comes to male adolescents or younger boys who are in your charge & the potential power of NO- it's not just for women and young girls!  

Dr. Kelli Palfy Interviews Greg Gilhooly

(October 2020) 

My interview with Greg Gilhooly - a former would be pro- hockey player whose life direction changed dramatically after he suffered abuse under Coach Graham James. Gilhooly discusses how his abuse by this hockey scout impacted him. For more read Greg's book called, My interview with Greg Gilhooly - a former would be pro- hockey player whose life direction changed dramatically after he suffered abuse under Coach Graham James. Gilhooly discusses how his abuse by this hockey scout impacted him. For more, read Greg's book called, "I Am Nobody: Confronting the Sexually Abusive Coach Who Stole My Life." It's very informative about the effects of Child Sexual Abuse.  

182: Your Voice Can Help Others Break the Silence with Kelli Palfy, Ph.D. [Finding Your Voice Series]

Speaking Your Brand's Carol Cox Interviews Dr. Palfy (Aired May 25, 2020) 

In this episode, Carol and I talk about my awakening to what was going on in my field; the fulfillment and meaning you get when you speak up; how your voice can help others break their silence; how talking about a topic that others don’t, you can help people think differently (which is huge!) and how we approached my signature talk. 

The Trauma Therapist Podcast | Episode 487

Guy Macpherson Interviews Dr. Palfy (Aired November 2020)  

Guy and I discuss the truths about male sexual abuse and we shed light on this hidden epidemic.  

Wounds of the Faithful Podcast | Episode 29, Men Too: Dr Kelli Palfy

DSW Ministries Diana Winkler Interviews Dr. Palfy (Aired May 12) 

Hollywood and pop culture often give us the impression that men can't be raped or sexually abused. Diana and I dispel that myth by highlighting the facts gleaned from my experience and doctoral research on why males don't report sexual trauma. We talk about how males experience sexual abuse for the first time during childhood and how the abuse continues into adulthood.  

Interview with Andy: "I Thought I Was OK"

Andy discusses his awakening to the impact of his abuse (Aired May 11) 

Andy discusses his luring, abuse (not in graphic detail) and his confusion, plus how he came to realize the impact of his abuse. He also talks about his journey to recovery.. He tells his powerful story to help other men recognize the impact of their own abuse. 

The Modern Conservative's Nick Holt

Interview with Dr. Palfy (Aired May 9, 2021) 

Nick Holt, host of The Modern Conservative, interviews me from Australia where we discuss the myths, lies, and shocking truths about male sexual abuse. Podcast also available on Spotify, Apple & iHeartRadio. 

Voice of Men 360 | The Unspoken Tears

A Special Live Show (Aired May 8) 

RJ Horner interviews me about my personal journey and research that led me to write ME^N TOO: UNSPOKEN TRUTHS ABOUT MALE SEXUAL ABUSE. We discuss why men don't speak up, barriers, behaviours to watch for, RJ's personal story where he talks about his abuse publicly for the first time, the prevalence of sexual abuse in the Indigenous community and what we can do to change the narrative. 

Girl on Fire Podcast with Kirsten Franklin

Interview with Dr. Palfy (Aired May 5, 2021)  

I speak with Kirsten Franklin on her Girl on Fire Podcast about my career and personal journey that led me to shed light and write my book on male sexual abuse. 

Promise Keepers Canada- Impactus Podcast

Episode 5: When Boys are Sexually Abused 

During this interview, Kirk and I discuss the prevalence of sexual assault experienced by males, understanding the typical offenders of sexual abuse, the barriers men face when it comes to disclosing their abuse, steps a man should take if he has been abused, and how a spouse, family, or friend can support men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse  

The Healing Place Podcast

Interview with Teri Wellbrock 

Teri and I discuss male sexual abuse, my book "ME^N TOO: UNSPOKEN TRUTHS ABOUT MALE SEXUAL ABUSE", pedophile profiles and habits, caregiver response to disclosure, and so much more!  

The Silent Suffers: Interview with Jared Thomas

Aired: June 1, 2020 

During my interview with Jared, I discuss my book, Me^N Too, and share some of my knowledge on the topic of male sexual abuse and rape.  

What You Need to Know About Male Sexual Abuse

Sexology Podcast: Interview with Dr. Moali 

In this episode Dr. Moali and I discuss male sexual abuse, the stigma around this issue and understanding that recovery is possible.  

Male Survivor: Webinar of Recovery

Featured Panelist Dr. Kelli Palfy 

In this episode I share some insights from my book, Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse. I am joined by MaleSurvivor moderators Lee Friedman and Nathan LaChine (and a special appearance is made by Dr. Howard Fradkin).  

Dr. Kelli Palfy on LIFE Today

Aired: March 9, 2020 

LIFE TODAY with Randy Robison not only ministers to people directly through the daily broadcast, but also presents the global mission focus of Life Outreach International. During my time on his podcast, I discussed male sexual abuse, warning signs, and the steps survivors can take toward healing.  

Domino Thinking: Interview with Alison Donaghey

Men Too: Unspoken Truths. Aired: May 14, 2020 

Why don’t men report sexual abuse? How do they cope? What are the stats of male victims of rape? Alison Donaghey and I talk about this sensitive and important topic in this podcast episode.  

Preacher Boys: Interview with Eric Swarcyznski

Exposing Abuse in Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches: Episode 33 

In this episode, Eric Skwarczynski and I discuss the prevalence of abuse inside independent fundamental baptist churches. Aired: May 17, 2020  

The True Presbyterian Podcast: Season 2, Episode 7

Interview with Mike Hutchinson 

In this podcast, I talk about male victims of sexual abuse, why men don't disclose their trauma and abuse, and about the general ignorance of the wider population regarding female predators.  

Interview with Leo Petrilli

Dr. Kelli interviews retired Canada Border Services agent, Leo Petrilli. 

My interview with retired Canada Border Services agent, Leo Petrilli. He is truly amazing; he has come so far! He discusses his sexual trauma (not in detail), his memory loss, how his abuse impacted him and his spontaneous near suicide. Leo is a true hero! 

Let’s State the Facts

The XY Spark Podcast: Interview with Rolando Hyman 

XY Spark Presents: “Lets state the facts” Male sexual abuse and its impact. November 26, 2020. This episode discusses the impact of sexual abuse on boys and men in our community.  


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