Do you know of a boy who seemed to be a great kid, then suddenly “went off the rails”?

Children don’t have DRAMATIC changes in character or direction without a reason…
Sometimes changes can be coping mechanisms to deal with issues that they don’t feel comfortable discussing. The changes you see may be a response to trauma’s they’ve experienced.

If your son, brother, cousin, friend suddenly begins to drink heavily, isolate, become hyper-masculine or excessively angry, consider that he may have experienced sexual abuse.
Research shows that children don’t make disclosures without proper prompting and opportunity.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Let them know that you are available to talk if they want to
  • Let them know that they may have very valid reasons for choosing their behaviors
  • Let them know that you are aware that boys and men are often victims of sexual assaults, bullying, harassment etc. and that if they have been victimized, they can talk to you.
  • Let them know that you won’t judge them, that you only want to help.
  • Give them times that work best for you. (So they know you are genuine).

For more information about male sexual abuse: check out my website