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Male sexual abuse occurs far more commonly than previously suspected, yet
too few victims ever seek support. Countless remain silent. They cope through
avoidance, isolation, substance abuse, hyper-masculinity, etc. Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse is for male survivors and their supporters. It is an educational, heart-wrenching look at 13 male sexual abuse victims experience, written from the perspective of a retired police officer and registered psychologist.

Using their narrative accounts Dr. Palfy offers:
• Healing for male victims through insight and support.
• Strategies for parents and teachers to identify the grooming tactics of predators, plus suggestions to better protect children.
• Information for helping professionals to recognize traumatized boys and men, plus explanations for why male victims often remain silent for so long.

Conversations about male sexual abuse need to increase. Men Too highlights
the complex and unique barriers boys and men face during and after abuse.
Help put them on the road to recovery.

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